My post is up today on the3six5!

By Mom

I was asked to participate in, a blog-a-day, person-by-person account of the whole year. My post is up today! Mine’s on writing and observation. (Yes, Archer makes an appearance!)

There’s an excerpt below. If you have the chance, please check out the whole post, and comment/tweet/forward if you like it! (This project is getting a lot of mentions in the social media/creative realms… very exciting!)

With dialogue, the words are only as important as how they’re said. The best conversation I had was this morning, a goodbye to the boys as one took the other to daycare. “Zai jian,” I waved. “Bye chen,” my son answered – but it’s a start. Yes, that’s Mandarin Chinese, and yes, we’re that kind of parents.


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New year, new haircut

15 months old
By Mom

Either I stockpiled enough confidence, or Archer’s hair just got too out of control… maybe both. Point is, we decided to cut it tonight during dinner. Here are a few of the things we learned:

1. The reason you use sharp shears instead of more snub-nosed all-purpose cutters is because a sharper blade wouldn’t choke through the thicker cuts.
2. Toddlers move constantly.
3. Wow, Archie needed a haircut!



Here’s a video of the funnier moments:

And a couple pre-haircut shots, because they’re fun…

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Archer’s Holiday Program: videos

15 months
By Mom

Check out that cartoon-character expression

In case you missed it (who can blame you – I only gave about five seconds of notice!)… here are the two video clips I took at Archer’s holiday program. The ladies at his daycare were fantastic. I can’t believe that many kids stayed that still, to shake their shakers to the music! Archer still plays his shaker at home – in fact, since this weekend (when Arch became fond of stepping on it), that shaker needs a repair.
Archer is on the far left in this one – The resolution isn’t great 😦

And here’s some of the party!
Archer had never seen a cookie that big before (but he didn’t want to share with Mom).

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Archer’s holiday program, LIVE!

15 months old
By Mom

This afternoon at 5pm CST, you can view a live feed of Archer’s holiday program at his daycare! My expectations go as far as a smile or two, and maybe some of Archer’s signature dance moves: a little side-to-side, maybe a pseudo-jump. I don’t get to see Arch with his daycare buddies very often, so I’m excited. There may be “singing,” there may be dancing – most importantly, there will be fun!

At 5pm CST,
Click HERE to see Archer’s holiday program.

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Halloween in Review

14 months old
By Mom

Archer’s Halloween was furry, fuzzy, and, of course, very cute! He visited my office for a Kids’ Spookfest with cubicle trick-or-treating, and then we visited Dad’s office just to say hello!

Here is a collection of Halloween photos, in case you missed them on Facebook. (And if you aren’t using Facebook, I highly recommend it! It’s my go-to place to post pictures.)

Kids trick or treat in the office. We have Chewbacca! on Twitpic

The last few are from photographer Rebecca E. Eden, who took Halloween photos in our new favorite place, Family Grounds Café. I’m never fast enough to capture Archie’s grin like she did! Even though we only had Archie’s Chewbacca headpiece with us, I’m so glad we ran into her.

And here’s a video clip of Arch as Chewbacca (or “Archewbacca”, if you prefer).

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Archer’s first birthday: photos, at least!

13 months
By Mom

Okay, so I haven’t edited the first-birthday video down just yet.
“A few days”… ha! I will get to it, it just may take until his next birthday!

Until then, here are some of the excellent photos that Archer’s Aunt Kym took that day (9/12/09). Enjoy!

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Join Me This Saturday: Int’l Day of Climate Action

By Mom

Quick follow-up on my last post:
Climate change is an issue close to my heart. Sticking with the status quo will not only affect my generation faster than was previously thought, it will make Archer’s life much harder (if not shorter) than mine – a parent’s worst fear.

This Saturday, is running the International Day of Climate Action. “350” refers to the parts-per-million level that scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Right now, we’re around 390 – so we must make a change, globally. A BIG statement will show our leaders that climate change will not be ignored. After all, “nature does not do bailouts.”

So far, over 4,000 gatherings are planned in over 170 countries (that means only 25 countries on earth aren’t participating).
Find an event near you at

President Obama is scheduled to give a major climate speech on Friday, and the Senate is set to hold hearings on its global warming bill on Tuesday1. This will be one of the last best chances to make the support for much stronger efforts unmistakably loud and clear. Your efforts this weekend will be doing double duty–helping with the fight in Copenhagen and also on Capitol Hill.

Greenpeace predicts that Chicago’s event will be the biggest in the United States.
Come be a part of history:
Dvorak Park, near Pilsen’s Fisk Coal Plant (1111 W Cermak.)
This Saturday, October 24th, at 1 pm
Visit “How Green is Chicago?” for more info.

P.S. On Blog Action Day, there were a total of over 31,000 official and unofficial blog posts about climate action!

1 Samuelsohn, Darren, “Obama to Give Senate Climate Bill Push with MIT Speech”

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