Nerve-wracking movie

By Margo
5 weeks, 6 days

I don’t recommend seeing Cloverfield when you’re pregnant.

Jed and I went with a few friends last night to see it. It’s opening weekend, so we hardly knew anything about the movie prior to going. Which is nice, usually, but right now I feel like I’m more prone to nervousness.

Since about week 4, I could feel a new little energy in my abdomen. It was probably just the beginnings of what would become a fun first-trimester spell of lethargy, but there was something going on in there. I soon found through a little research that I was probably feeling a rapid splitting of cells that would become an appleseed-sized living thing. A living thing! I can’t get over it.

So… as everything is getting ready and consolidating itself in there, there’s a little nervous twittery energy in my center. (Nerd alert: That “nervous energy” is literal this week, as the baby’s nervous system is beginning to form.) At the same time, my body is tired out easily on a large level. And if I get nervous on top of that, it’s far too much nervous energy for one body!

I really liked the movie, though. I may see it again. 🙂


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