We’re having a kid!

By Margo
5 weeks, 6 days

Jed and I found out that I’m pregnant exactly one week ago!

We tested at home, very early in the process. Frankly, I knew I was pregnant for the handful of days leading up to the test. Certain symptoms, unusual for me, had presented themselves and were fairly unmistakable.

Right now, I’m at about 6 weeks. I’m not sure of the exact due date yet, but it will definitely fall in September, a welcome arrival just after our 8/31 anniversary. It may be sometime around either my birthday (9/23) or Jed’s (9/27) – or maybe my dad’s (9/21) or Jed’s brother Zarin’s (9/15). September will be an especially fun month from now on!

Note: For now, these blog entries will be completely private. Right now, only our immediate family and a few friends know – and we want to keep things under wraps until the 12-week mark. So, hold on to your hats – these entries will be released into the world in the first week of March!
(Obviously, we couldn’t wait that long. No way, no how!)

It feels strange to have the best news in the world and not be able to share it with more than a handful of people.

first baby picture

Here’s the first baby pic!


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