Barbacoa Babylon

By Margo
6 weeks, 4 days

My new favorite hot lunch pursuit is the Barbacoa Burrito at Burrito Beach. This delicacy is made with Tallgrass Beef Brisket (it’s grass-fed, which results in less saturated fat & calories, no antibiotics, lots more Omega-3s, and tons more taste ā€“ it’s damn good.)

I ordered mine with no beans mild salsa, and light on the sour cream and cheese. Once I was back at the ranch, I proceeded to inhale the complete contents of my foil packet. My stomach, not to mention all of those extra hormones, danced with glee.

And that’s not all… part of the proceeds from my Barbacoa Burrito purchase benefits the Green City Market, Chicago’s only sustainable farmers’ market. And there will be many more purchases to come.

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