The Variety Theory

By Margo
8 weeks, 1 day

Having been pregnant for over 8 weeks now, I’ve noticed a pattern – and I’ve confirmed it with a few other moms.

Here’s what I’ve noticed: Even if I really like a certain food for one meal or even over the course of a couple of days, I don’t want to look at it for the next few days or more. Exhibit A: The Barbacoa Burrito. It was “Babylon” last week. Can’t look at it right now.

In fact, post-week 5, just about everything I liked (& ate nearly every day) before the pregnancy are the very things I’m still avoiding.

I think this might point to something that we’ve all heard: variety is one of the main tenants of a healthy diet.

This sort of “forced variety” benefits me in the end, because having to explore a little bit every week to find something tasty leads to more frequent introductions of new nutrients and vitamins. It’s really not difficult to find something good – it just has to be a little bit unique, and safe from all the obvious no-no’s (no Long Island Iced Teas, no special brownies, and – getting serious now, folks – sushi!? I have to say, avoiding sushi has been quite a challenge. I’ve even resorted to eating California rolls!)

Happy eating!

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  1. 1

    Mary Gremmler (soon to be known as Nana) said,

    Margo…just keep eating…that little guy (or girl) needs nourishment…and so do you!!

  2. 2

    Aubrey said,

    Confirmed again! I kept going to my favorite sushi place and ordering all my stuff without the raw fish! And “Special” brownies? Are you still the Margo I know??? LOL

  3. 3

    Momma Rowder said,

    I know you will do very well through all of this, because you will have every issue researched prior to anyone else even thinking about it! You are a smart cookie and a healthy eater- Mary’s right- grow sweet baby Gremmler!!!!!

  4. 4

    Margo said,

    Aubrey, I’m definitely the same girl you knew! I just think it’s funny that doctors are so nonchalant about telling you not to take illicit drugs…

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