Pregnancy is hilarious and weird

By Margo
10 weeks

I said it once, and I’ll say it again – pregnancy is hilarious and weird.

One of the weirdest things I’ve come across so far is the fact that my hair isn’t falling out as much. You know that “100 hairs a day” thing? Well, right now it’s more like 5. I’m calling it Pregnancy Mane. My hair is getting thicker by the week. Great for winter! (Not so much for the upcoming summer.)

I know, some women would kill for thicker hair, blah blah blah… except for one little thing: I hear that all the hair I’ve been mysteriously retaining will all be falling out after the baby is born. I hope that doesn’t scare him (or her) away… Anyway, my question is: what’s the point of Pregnancy Mane? It just doesn’t make sense.

For the record, I’m really not fond of the side effect known as “preggo brain”. I don’t think my brain is getting as much blood flow – my short-term memory is for the birds right now. …Okay, uh, what was I just writing about…?

The other curious side effect that I’ve noticed is less efficient digestion. It apparently has to do with the relaxation of all the muscles of the abdomen. Good for making room for baby, but not so much for eating a salad. I think it’s one big reason why newly pregnant women feel nauseous, and why they go for easy-to-digest foods like crackers and soup. Mmm, crackers and soup.

Oh, and the hilarity? That also comes from the indigestion: I belch like a champ on a daily basis. Seriously, I could take anyone on right now.

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  1. 1

    Aura Mae said,

    Enjoy the extra hair. It will come out eventually. Here’s what’s happening: your hair gets stuck in the “growing” phase (the other phases are “resting” and “shedding”) during this time of increased cellular activity. When your hormones and everything else start to return to normal, all of the hair that didn’t fall out today will fall out. It can happen any time between after the baby comes and after you stop nursing. You will fear that you are going bald. You are not, but many women have different hair after a pregnancy than they had before (thinner, curlier, straighter, etc.) Weird, huh?

  2. 2

    Spamboy said,

    My sister grew a ton of hair when she was with child, and it never fell out — she had to thin it out eventually.

  3. 3

    Aubrey said,

    Just wait until you see the globs of hair at the bottom of your shower. It’s pretty wild. My fingernails are breaking, too. It’s time to up the calcium, I guess!

  4. 4

    Momma Rowder said,

    Margo- you are as hilarious as Erma Bombeck- you may have just invented your next career! I was laugh/crying by the time I finished! Your child is in for a fun ride!!!!!!!!!
    By the way- I have said it before and I’ll say it again! You and Jed will be GREAT parents!
    Oddly enough- I actually dreamed I was having a baby – We must have a closer link than I knew!

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