Star Wars according to a 3 year old

Jed and I should be so lucky.

I gotta agree with her, I think “Obi Kenobi” has a better ring to it.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod


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  1. 1

    jeff olson said,

    you have a cute kid jed
    she is hilarious

    this is jeff olson, from oscar meyer
    you definitely have an obsure name, and plenty of google hits
    hope all is well

    i am in chicago as well
    in rogers park, practicing medicne
    looks like all is well on your end
    not to bad on mine either

    email me back, would like to see how your doing

    later jeff….

    i still collect comics btw…..

  2. 3

    jeff olson said,

    oh, unless you have some amazing technology for rapid pregnancy/aging or cloning or something

    im guessing this aint your kid
    well you will have one soon…..


  3. 4

    Kym Gremmler said,

    WOW- She is too cute!!! Who is she? What is her name? She put a huge smile on my face as well as Melissa… Hope Margo is feeling well.

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