My first baby dream

By Margo
12 weeks, 3 days

We’ve all heard about baby dreams. You know, like in that one interesting episode of Ally McBeal. These dreams are usually explained as an extension of the anxiety that women can feel at any point during their pregnancy. Since dreams are manifestations of your daily concerns (and fixations), it just makes sense.

In all my life, I’ve maybe had two or three dreams involving babies. Usually the dream was based on my life, with a baby added in – strange in its almost-familiarity. Some of the weirdest dreams I have (strange to me, anyway) are the ones that are completely believable. The polar opposite of those TV commercials with Abe Lincoln playing chess with a beaver.

This week marked my first “expecting” baby dream. Again, there were no aliens, no circus grotesqueries (sorry, no kittens, Aubrey.) Nothing out of the ordinary. Well, maybe one thing…

Details of the “dream” baby’s birth were none to speak of, but I do remember feeling that we had just brought this baby boy home from the hospital. (Yes, a boy.) He was dressed in a little preppy outfit (Really? Yeah… weird, huh?) He was more of a toddler’s size – in his first weeks! – against all the laws of everything.

Jed and I were sitting on either side of him, and we both touched the kid. Baby’s left hand held my finger, and Jed supported his right elbow. Then the kid just stood up. No walking, just standing. Confident on his feet.

Yeah, it’s not the weirdest baby dream. Freud or Jung could probably deduce something useful from it, perhaps the notion that Jed and I will help our child realize his biggest accomplishments, etc etc. Sounds great to me.

At least I didn’t dream this:


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  1. 1

    Aubrey said,

    How sweet! You know, I remember having a similar dream early on – petting my sweet little 3-year-old boy’s blonde head. Those are the kinds of dreams that come true. 🙂 Of course, we’re still debating what color Henry’s hair is…

  2. 2

    Spamboy said,

    Are you sure you didn’t have sausage-onion pizza the night before? That’s usually what does the trick for me on dreams.

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