I love my book group

By Margo
13 weeks

Just recently, I finally got the chance to tell my book group the happy baby news. Honestly, I should have told them at our January meeting, but the timing was such that the meeting occurred a mere 48 hours after Jed and I got the news ourselves.

The ladies and I had planned on classing it up by meeting for dinner at Carnivale. (Side note: we’d read a book called The Lady and the Panda. I highly recommend!) We’d made the reservation in conjunction with Chicago’s first-annual Restaurant Week. All five of us were primed for a special three-course prix fixe meal. (The meal was delectable. Note to Mayor Daley: please continue Restaurant Week!)

Once we all got settled at our festive round table, I broke the news. There was a bit of celebration, until our waiter came to break up the hubbub and tell us the specials. (I have bad timing with these things – the very same thing happened at brunch with my cousin Shelly.) No offense to the waiter, though. He was helpful in giving me more info on the fish choice, so that I could look it up on my nerdy Seafood Watch wallet-fold. (Is the fish sustainable? Check. Low in pollutants? Try again.)

Anyway, the ladies were gracious with the news, asking questions and sharing stories. These were the ladies who, since my first years here in Chicago, have helped the city become home for me. From our Avon training walks (ranging from 2-20 miles) through the 3-day/55-mile event itself (blisters, rain, and all) to book club. We’ve been meeting for five years now! It meant a lot to me to share this happy news with them in person.

I had a lot of fun, ladies. I look forward to including you in the ups and downs!
Okay, I’ll try to skip most of the downs.

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