Get Ready for a New Site Name

By Margo
21 weeks

In about ten minutes, Jed and I will leave for our ultrasound appointment. We should be able to find out whether Grembaby is a boy or girl. This is something we’ve been thinking about since the very beginning (arguably even before that), so yeah. We’re excited. In fact, once we do find out, we’ll probably change the name of the site. There was never a better excuse for a brainstorm!

Baby’s gender doesn’t mean a vast change in what toys we’ll get (I had Barbies and Transformers, and the Transformers came first), but it will be nice to get to know this little person. Even if baby doesn’t show us what we came to see… it will be fun to see him (or her) move around for a little while.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that baby’s legs aren’t!


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  1. 1

    spamboy said,

    I know the answer! I know the answer! Ooo! Ooo! Teacher, pick me!! Ooo!!

    (seriously, congrats on the news)

  2. 2

    Momma Rowder said,

    Heard the news yesterday and can’t wait to see any pictures generated! Was not surprised by the gender and would have been happy no matter which, but can’t wait to hear the name possibilities! It was always one of the fun and privileged times for Mommy and Daddy!

  3. 3

    Kym Gremmler said,

    YEAH!!! It’s a boy!!! With Jed and his gene pool how could it have been anything else??!!??? LOL- GREMMLERS PRODUCE BOYS!!!! I do not know how I ever happened HAHAHA I am so excited for you!!! See you this weekend- Can’t wait! XO K&M

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