Shameless update

By Margo
25 weeks, 6 days

It’s been forever and a day since our last post… and there seem to be so many updates! First of all, we’ve added a little badge for our registry over here on the top right called Grembaby’s Registry ––––––––>––––––––––––––––––––>––––––––––––––––––––––>
You know… in case you were wondering. (And that’s what I mean by “shameless”).

The registry is on, which lets registrants pick items from any commerce site on the web. It’s great! When you click “Buy it” below any item in the list, you’ll go to the appropriate site for that item. But you don’t have to buy it. You can just get a better look, and the frame at the top of the screen lets you specify whether you actually bought the item or not. (You can even use the links in the frame to search the web for the same item.)

Besides that, we’ve been getting the nursery ready (pictures soon, we promise!), meeting with pediatric practices, and preparing for childbirth classes. Yesterday was a big day for the nursery. Our good friend Marty (thanks, Marty!) helped us bring home the heaviest changing table/dresser on the face of the earth (but it’s sooo cute!) after we’d found it on craigslist. It was seriously a steal. We also put up much lighter and airier window treatments, and it makes such a difference in the look of the room. My main goal was to avoid painting (to avoid extra cost and VOCs/chemicals), so it’s going well.

As we approach baby’s due date, Jed and I are also using any available free time for our writing projects. Jed is working on a web comic project with his best friend Chris, and I’m writing three sample chapters of my novel-length project for teens. Baby’s birthday is our ultimate deadline. It’s probably the most effective motivation I’ve ever had. It’s kinda like an impending-parenthood bucket list. If there’s a project you’d like to take care of, I highly recommend this method!


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