Baby Shower 2.0

By Jed
37 weeks, 6 days

So my mom threw Margo kind of a traditional shower (i.e., no guys). Now, from what I hear, mom’s shower was pretty cool and all, and everybody seems to have had a good time. But c’mon, I didn’t show up until the very end! So, really, how cool could it have been?

Fortunately, Margo’s cousins Jan, Shelly (who was about 9 months pregnant herself), and Shelly’s husband Aaron decided to eschew tradition and throw us both a shower at their lovely home in Evanston. It was nice, not only getting to go to the whole shindig, but also having my friends there to share in the moment (and, of course, give us cool gifts, too). Margo’s mom came into town for the party, so it was nice to get to see her, too.

But the star of the show (besides Jed, Jr.) was probably Shelly and Aaron’s 2 1/2 year old daughter, Ava. Whenever someone new showed up, she was always quick to greet them with a cheery “Hi, people!” Then she would grab the loose shopping bags lying around and declare “Ava go shopping now!” (I’m not entirely sure that she grasped that the presents weren’t for her…)

And now Ava has a new baby brother to welcome home. Congratulations, Shelly and Aaron, on the birth of your new son AJ. And thank you, Jan, Shelly, Aaron, and Ava for throwing us a great shower.

Margo’s mom took the photos – thanks, Cherie!


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