The first doc visit

6 days old
By Mom

Archie had his first well-baby visit this week, where he was re-weighed and re-measured. And now there’s proof that Archer is a great eater – he’s already reached his birth weight again! (A newborn’s weight usually goes down by at least 5 percent after birth from lost water weight, then returns to its original birth level around the second week.)

Another important milestone Arch reached on that day was his first during-the-diaper-change pee. Oh, what fun. Truly! It happened for the first time during the doc visit, and we weren’t prepared. The nurse asked, “Is he your first?” Guess it’s that obvious. Anyhow, it happened twice more that day. Guess the open air is inspiring for him. Luckily, we’ve developed a highly scientific pre-emptive wetness-aversion system (an extra diaper).


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  1. 1

    Mary G. (Nonna) said,

    I love the fact that the blog has changed names…and I noticed that you are no longer signing in as “Margo” but have changed to your new name “Mom”!!!

  2. 2

    Aubrey said,

    Sounds like a great visit! Get ready for a pee-pee fest over the next few months (or years?). Are you using your prefolds yet? Just curious! I love those teeny tiny diapers!

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