We’re now Morning People

7 weeks old
By Mom

I used to be a night owl. Archer has changed all that. His crankiest period tends to be in the evening, when most of the non-newborns of the world are unwinding, putting their feet up, and having a beer.

Nowadays, we’ve learned to be on our toes in the evening to watch for hungry and sleepy signals, to make sure Archer stays in as good a mood as possible. His first big nap of the night starts around 9 or 10. Jed has been gracious enough to hold him for the majority of these naps. I usually get some stuff done and grab some shuteye, and then Archer’s my little pal for the rest of the night.

Some nights I still try to stay up, like this weekend… Since our Tivo just died, and the very pretty Jon Hamm was hosting Saturday Night Live, I wanted to stay up and watch the whole show. We compromised: I watched the first few sketches and then hit the sack. That darn Tivo! (We’re T-minus 6 days until replacement…)

When morning rolls around, Archer’s a pretty happy kid (after we’ve attended to his gassiness and hunger, of course). Therefore, we tend to really like the daylight hours lately. His funniest babbly moments are earlier in the day. Here are some of them that I’ve managed to capture on video!

Watch “Interview at the Changing Table”

Watch “Archer’s Bobbles and Babbles, Week 7”


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    mattifer said,

    Babies are better than TiVos anyday — except maybe during The Office, but then they’re a close second!

  2. 2

    Margo said,

    The latest ep of The Office was waiting for me when the Tivo died on Friday morning. 😦

  3. 3

    adriana said,

    He so wants to have a grown up conversation with you! He’s so alert and adorable!

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