Making history is a family affair

8 weeks, 2 days old
By Mom

Jed, Archer, and I attended the Election Night rally in Chicago last night, which was clearly a history-making event.

There was much discussion about whether to take Archer along with us. There’d be a crowd, sure. There’d be excitement, sure. But I gotta say, Archer was the biggest reason I was excited to see whether Obama would become our next president. I wanted to be able to tell Archer, “You were there!” It turns out that we spotted several babies and kids, of families who had the same idea.

Archer was there, but he slept through almost the whole thing! We couldn’t believe it.

Archer at the Rally

We arrived downtown when the line into the ticketed area seemed to stretch into infinity along Michigan Avenue. As we tried to find the end, it was around 10 o’clock and cheers erupted from the Hilton across the street. CNN must have just called Florida for Obama, or maybe that’s when Fox News called the whole thing for Obama.

I spotted an old friend and coworker Ron in line with his wife Julia, who invited us to join them. In the end, the line didn’t matter – tickets were quickly checked by a line of mounted police at the entry point whether we’d waited in line or walked over from the other direction. The event was well-organized. After a long walk to the rally area, we came upon a split entry – one for folks with bags, one for folks without. Security personnel pored over our tickets and IDs. And then we were finally on our way to that giant rally. As we cut through the streets that are transformed annually for the Taste of Chicago, we heard the sounds of John McCain’s gracious concession speech from the huge towers of speakers next to the stage. It took a good three more minutes of walking before we reached the crowd. And what a crowd it was.

We made our way around, following the contour of the crowd, until we had a good view. A view of the stage? Not even close. The rally was so huge that we were all going for a view of the jumbotron. It was a fantastic screen. Why go downtown for a view of a screen, you ask? It was about the excitement of the event, and the crowd – people full of positive energy, taking a collective sigh of relief after eight long years.

Watch “A Nation for the People – Grant Park rally”

Watch “Yes We Can – Grant Park rally”

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    Aubrey said,

    GO MEI TAI! Seriously, I can just imagine how cozy Archie was among all that commotion. Glad you guys had fun!

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