Big boys definitely cry

10 weeks, 3 days old
By Mom

Hangin' in the rocker Whoa!?

Archer had his two-month checkup last week, which included his first vaccinations. Boy, that was heartbreaking! He cried right away. I’d requested to nurse him while he received the shots, but the doctor wasn’t too keen on it. Next time, I’ll just have to bring the studies proving that nursing during shots significantly lessens the pain.

Anyhow, here are the latest stats:
Length: 24″ (Guess it’s not “height” until he’s walking?)
Weight: 12 lbs, 9 oz
Head circumference: 40.3 cm
Yes, sir, he’s a big boy. The carriers are getting a little harder to wear for long periods!

Speaking of baby carriers, I have a prophecy to self-fulfill… This week, there was a controversial Motrin ad pulled from the air this week due to reaction from “mommy bloggers” and moms on Twitter. (Twitter is a network where you can post mini-blogs.) The pain reliever was trying to speak to moms, when instead it completely alienated them. Nice job! I wasn’t actually offended, I just found it to be horrible writing. Shouldn’t a Motrin ad that’s supposed to speak to moms endear itself to them instead of being all judge-y?

(Technically, I’m a mommy blogger, but I didn’t post this fast enough to be part of the official “backlash”.)

Here’s the ad – judge for yourself and take my poll (below)!

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    Momma Rowder, Bubby said,

    You are so right- I voted this person has no kids! and by the way- Archer just gets cuter and cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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