Much to be thankful for

13 weeks, 6 days old
By Dad

Yay Turkey Day! (Okay, Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but c’mon, our priorities in life right now are: A: take care of Archie, B: take care of us, C – Y: various other things, Z: blog.) Anyways, as I was saying, Yay Turkey Day! When I was a kid, X-mas and Halloween were probably my favorite holidays, but now I’d have to say it’s Thanksgiving (at least it is when it’s at someone else’s house). A holiday dedicated to stuffing your face! And seeing family. But mainly stuffing your face! What’s not to like? Well, maybe some people aren’t too crazy about the family part, but not us.

This year, Margo, Archie, and I schlepped the seven blocks to my Mom’s place, where we were joined by my awesome cousin Kym and her S.O. Melissa (Hi, Kym & Melissa!) As expected, Archie was the center of attention, and he did not disappoint (as can be seen in the pictures below). We were all pretty thankful for our great family, friends, and food (mainly the food).

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    Nonna said,

    Thanksgiving 2008 was the best Thanksgiving since Thanksgiving 1973! Archer was so delightful that day…smiling and cooing and just generally being the perfect baby (as he always is, in my opinion). This was a great Thanksgiving celebration with all of us (Archer, Margo, Jed, Kym and Melissa) around the table…many more to come.

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