Climate change during my generation

By Mom

Before Archer was born, I was under the impression that climate change would only affect the golden years of the next generation and beyond – and I hadn’t imagined what those effects would be.

I’ve learned, through watching The Age of Stupid (at its global premiere last month) and through organizations like Greenpeace, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and (plus many others) that some horrible things could happen if our world leaders don’t step up at this December’s climate conference in Copenhagen. It’s our greatest (and latest) chance to sign an ambitious new treaty that will save our climate.

The elephant in the room is U.S. participation. We ignored the Kyoto Protocol, and many predict we’ll do the same again. That just can’t happen. The clean air bill in in Washington, though groundbreaking, will not be enough.

The new goal, as agreed among the world’s top climate scientists, is to level out carbon emissions by 2015 – then quickly take them down. This will prevent the earth from reaching an unstable, devastating temperature.

Greenpeace tries to get Obama's attention in Martha's Vineyard

Greenpeace tries to get Obama's attention in Martha's Vineyard

“We have already passed the stage of dangerous climate change. The task now is to prevent catastrophic climate change.”
– Professor John Holdren, now Obama’s Science Advisor, in 2006

tcktcktck_logo_hz_blueTck Tck Tck, a global alliance of non-government organizations, trade unions, faith groups and consumers, is showcasing stories of how climate change is already affecting us. Check out more facts from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. Still a skeptic?

Chicagoans, stand with me on Climate Action Day:
Saturday, October 24th.

I’ll be at the demonstration outside the Fisk Coal plant – Dvorak Park, near 1111 W Cermak – 1 to 4pm. Hundreds will attend to encourage President Obama to lead the world to a new international treaty that will avert the impact of climate change. Please RSVP on Facebook or get more information.

Not in Chicago? Visit to find Climate Action Day events near you.

By the way, I posted this because it’s Blog Action Day!


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