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New year, new haircut

15 months old
By Mom

Either I stockpiled enough confidence, or Archer’s hair just got too out of control… maybe both. Point is, we decided to cut it tonight during dinner. Here are a few of the things we learned:

1. The reason you use sharp shears instead of more snub-nosed all-purpose cutters is because a sharper blade wouldn’t choke through the thicker cuts.
2. Toddlers move constantly.
3. Wow, Archie needed a haircut!



Here’s a video of the funnier moments:

And a couple pre-haircut shots, because they’re fun…


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Archer’s holiday program, LIVE!

15 months old
By Mom

This afternoon at 5pm CST, you can view a live feed of Archer’s holiday program at his daycare! My expectations go as far as a smile or two, and maybe some of Archer’s signature dance moves: a little side-to-side, maybe a pseudo-jump. I don’t get to see Arch with his daycare buddies very often, so I’m excited. There may be “singing,” there may be dancing – most importantly, there will be fun!

At 5pm CST,
Click HERE to see Archer’s holiday program.

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Archer’s first birthday party (uncut)

12 months old
By Mom

Archer’s birthday party was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone who joined in. It was so much fun to see the comments – like you were there with us!

I never knew that a ride-on cow, a climb-through tunnel, and some cake and ice cream could make a kid so smiley. I guess I’m learning new things right along with Archie!

A shorter clip of highlights is forthcoming, but here’s the whole thing if you’d like to see it. It’s around 2 hours long, so it’s not for the faint of heart.
(Stay tuned in the next few days for a much shorter highlight reel.)

Click here to see the whole show!

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Tune in Saturday for Archer’s BLOG PARTY!

12 months
By Mom and Dad

Hi guys!
Please help us celebrate Archer’s very first birthday! He won’t know what the heck is going on, but he’ll smile anyway. (You know him.)

Saturday, September 12
12:00 – 1:15pm

No need to be there in person – you can participate in the festivities via live video feed right here! (I’ll even send out a reminder on Friday.)

On Saturday, when you come to the blog address – – you’ll see a video window. We’ll be taking short videos for about an hour or so, which you’ll see LIVE through that window. (It’ll be like a very short-lived TV channel.) Don’t be alarmed if it goes dark for a little bit. We’ll take little breaks, but we’ll record as much as possible!
(And no worries if you miss it – we’ll update the blog with video highlights.)

One more thing – we’ll check for comments during the party, so please send us messages while you follow along!

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Archer’s first beach

11.5 months
By Mom

We’ve just returned from our first vacation with Archer! We stayed for a week-long beach respite in Glenn, Michigan (near Saugatuck) in a quiet cottage with Jed’s mother Mary, Jed’s cousin Kym, and her girlfriend Melissa. We were all hoping for more cooperative weather (only two of six days were rain-free, and those same two were the only to break 80 degrees) but all in all it was a good time. Archer was very cautious with the sand and surf on his first day at Oval Beach in Saugatuck. (See the first video below.) On the second day, a nearby sand shovel belonging to a very nice boy (who shared) was enough motivation to get Archer traveling in the sand.

Speaking of traveling, the whole trip turned out to be Archer’s intensive locomotion workshop. By the end of our stay at the cottage, he was taking strings of 5-8 steps on his own (without us giving him a target of any kind)! We didn’t catch a video of his first independent steps, but below is one taken on the day after our return home.

Archer’s favorite part of his cottage stay was the overwhelming number of ceiling fans there. Over half the rooms had them, and Archer loved pointing to each one as he moved from room to room, or even just randomly. He’s doing a lot of pointing, babbling, and trying his best to imitate silly (but complex) mouth sounds. In fact, he said “Hi!” several times, but we’re not sure if it should count as his first word – he was mimicking one of us each time.

We’re looking forward to many beaches to come – so much that we already have a trip planned for next summer! (Carlsbad, CA, look out!)

And here’s the one you’ve been waiting for…

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I want to go to there!

9.5 months old
By Mom

Archer’s beginning to pull up on EVERYTHING. Dressers, boxes, chairs, Mom and Dad, and soon I’m sure it will be the cats. He can even climb up the stairs! Tell you one thing, Mom and Dad were hoping Archer wouldn’t want to get to this many places so soon. I know, I know, mobility is good. That will be our mantra as we chase him around the house.

Here’s one of Archer’s favorite ways to stick his nose up at babyproofing. He first did this almost immediately after we put it up for the first time. Guess we can’t fence him in!

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I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a crawler…

8 months old
By Mom & Dad

There are so many new, fun things to report – milestones for Mom, Dad, and Archer!

  1. Foods: Archer loves bananas and pears, but needed a little convincing with peas, and a lot of convincing with broccoli
    – Mom and Dad learned that they can hide less-loved foods with faves, as evidenced by Guacabana (or Banacado, if you prefer)

    Archer's favorite sleeping position

    Archer's favorite sleeping position

  2. Sleeping: Archer no longer needs to be swaddled
    – Mom and Dad have learned to appreciate his new sleeping positions, especially the one where he sticks his butt in the air
  3. Smooches: Archer now shows his affection by putting his mouth in the general vicinity of our face, and then hanging out for a bit
    – Mom and Dad are learning to keep something absorbent nearby for clean-up

    My chompers – hard to miss!

    New chompers: hard to miss!

  4. Chompers: Archer’s first two bottom teeth sprouted in mid-March. The next teeth are generally expected up top. His third tooth showed up – on the bottom!
    – Mom and Dad have learned to expect the unexpected
  5. Movement: Archer did the “creep,” then the “plank,” and now he’s crawling! See below!
    – Mom and Dad are planning to relocate some of Archer’s toys to the places he’ll probably cruise on his crawls

Check out Archer’s crawling style!

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