Climate change during my generation

By Mom

Before Archer was born, I was under the impression that climate change would only affect the golden years of the next generation and beyond – and I hadn’t imagined what those effects would be.

I’ve learned, through watching The Age of Stupid (at its global premiere last month) and through organizations like Greenpeace, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and (plus many others) that some horrible things could happen if our world leaders don’t step up at this December’s climate conference in Copenhagen. It’s our greatest (and latest) chance to sign an ambitious new treaty that will save our climate.

The elephant in the room is U.S. participation. We ignored the Kyoto Protocol, and many predict we’ll do the same again. That just can’t happen. The clean air bill in in Washington, though groundbreaking, will not be enough.

The new goal, as agreed among the world’s top climate scientists, is to level out carbon emissions by 2015 – then quickly take them down. This will prevent the earth from reaching an unstable, devastating temperature.

Greenpeace tries to get Obama's attention in Martha's Vineyard

Greenpeace tries to get Obama's attention in Martha's Vineyard

“We have already passed the stage of dangerous climate change. The task now is to prevent catastrophic climate change.”
– Professor John Holdren, now Obama’s Science Advisor, in 2006

tcktcktck_logo_hz_blueTck Tck Tck, a global alliance of non-government organizations, trade unions, faith groups and consumers, is showcasing stories of how climate change is already affecting us. Check out more facts from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. Still a skeptic?

Chicagoans, stand with me on Climate Action Day:
Saturday, October 24th.

I’ll be at the demonstration outside the Fisk Coal plant – Dvorak Park, near 1111 W Cermak – 1 to 4pm. Hundreds will attend to encourage President Obama to lead the world to a new international treaty that will avert the impact of climate change. Please RSVP on Facebook or get more information.

Not in Chicago? Visit to find Climate Action Day events near you.

By the way, I posted this because it’s Blog Action Day!


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Archer’s first birthday party (uncut)

12 months old
By Mom

Archer’s birthday party was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone who joined in. It was so much fun to see the comments – like you were there with us!

I never knew that a ride-on cow, a climb-through tunnel, and some cake and ice cream could make a kid so smiley. I guess I’m learning new things right along with Archie!

A shorter clip of highlights is forthcoming, but here’s the whole thing if you’d like to see it. It’s around 2 hours long, so it’s not for the faint of heart.
(Stay tuned in the next few days for a much shorter highlight reel.)

Click here to see the whole show!

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Welcome to Archer’s blog party!

12 months
By Mom and Dad

This is a bit wild and crazy, we know, but we’re going to broadcast Archer’s first birthday party today!
The festivities will go from about noon to about 1:15, CST. (No worries if you miss it – we’ll add highlight videos to a future blog post.)

We’ll capture a few key moments – gifts, singing, cake-eating… we won’t bore you to tears (though we are 150% certain Archer will fuss when his cake and ice cream are gone.)

Slight change of venue: Instead of streaming video on the blog, we’re using a site where you can “chat” with us in real-time!

Click here to join the party!

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Tomorrow is Archer’s blog party!

12 months
By Mom and Dad

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder that tomorrow (Saturday) is Archer’s blog party! We’re going to have a more complete setup on the site than I’d planned for, with a live chat underneath.  🙂

(If you’d like to get an idea of the setup, visit and sample one of their many shows!)

We’re looking forward to it. Are you?

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Tune in Saturday for Archer’s BLOG PARTY!

12 months
By Mom and Dad

Hi guys!
Please help us celebrate Archer’s very first birthday! He won’t know what the heck is going on, but he’ll smile anyway. (You know him.)

Saturday, September 12
12:00 – 1:15pm

No need to be there in person – you can participate in the festivities via live video feed right here! (I’ll even send out a reminder on Friday.)

On Saturday, when you come to the blog address – – you’ll see a video window. We’ll be taking short videos for about an hour or so, which you’ll see LIVE through that window. (It’ll be like a very short-lived TV channel.) Don’t be alarmed if it goes dark for a little bit. We’ll take little breaks, but we’ll record as much as possible!
(And no worries if you miss it – we’ll update the blog with video highlights.)

One more thing – we’ll check for comments during the party, so please send us messages while you follow along!

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Pampers: A Parent is Born

By Mom

Pampers has done a few pretty cool things, but this latest one is my favorite.

“A Parent Is Born” is a series of 12 bite-sized webisodes following one couple – soon-to-be parents Suzie and Steve Barston – from their giggly first ultrasound to the stark realizations (and sheer amazement) of post-delivery. All can be viewed in the window below.

If you have a chance, be sure to check out this page, too – I wrote the top banner (with the series logo) and the copy about the series and couple (toward the bottom).

[clearspring_widget title=”A Parent Is Born” wid=”4a92c665e2f832c9″ pid=”4aa0425db81ea2c7″ width=”304″ height=”274″ domain=””]

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Archer’s first beach

11.5 months
By Mom

We’ve just returned from our first vacation with Archer! We stayed for a week-long beach respite in Glenn, Michigan (near Saugatuck) in a quiet cottage with Jed’s mother Mary, Jed’s cousin Kym, and her girlfriend Melissa. We were all hoping for more cooperative weather (only two of six days were rain-free, and those same two were the only to break 80 degrees) but all in all it was a good time. Archer was very cautious with the sand and surf on his first day at Oval Beach in Saugatuck. (See the first video below.) On the second day, a nearby sand shovel belonging to a very nice boy (who shared) was enough motivation to get Archer traveling in the sand.

Speaking of traveling, the whole trip turned out to be Archer’s intensive locomotion workshop. By the end of our stay at the cottage, he was taking strings of 5-8 steps on his own (without us giving him a target of any kind)! We didn’t catch a video of his first independent steps, but below is one taken on the day after our return home.

Archer’s favorite part of his cottage stay was the overwhelming number of ceiling fans there. Over half the rooms had them, and Archer loved pointing to each one as he moved from room to room, or even just randomly. He’s doing a lot of pointing, babbling, and trying his best to imitate silly (but complex) mouth sounds. In fact, he said “Hi!” several times, but we’re not sure if it should count as his first word – he was mimicking one of us each time.

We’re looking forward to many beaches to come – so much that we already have a trip planned for next summer! (Carlsbad, CA, look out!)

And here’s the one you’ve been waiting for…

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