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Join Me This Saturday: Int’l Day of Climate Action

By Mom

Quick follow-up on my last post:
Climate change is an issue close to my heart. Sticking with the status quo will not only affect my generation faster than was previously thought, it will make Archer’s life much harder (if not shorter) than mine – a parent’s worst fear.

This Saturday, is running the International Day of Climate Action. “350” refers to the parts-per-million level that scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Right now, we’re around 390 – so we must make a change, globally. A BIG statement will show our leaders that climate change will not be ignored. After all, “nature does not do bailouts.”

So far, over 4,000 gatherings are planned in over 170 countries (that means only 25 countries on earth aren’t participating).
Find an event near you at

President Obama is scheduled to give a major climate speech on Friday, and the Senate is set to hold hearings on its global warming bill on Tuesday1. This will be one of the last best chances to make the support for much stronger efforts unmistakably loud and clear. Your efforts this weekend will be doing double duty–helping with the fight in Copenhagen and also on Capitol Hill.

Greenpeace predicts that Chicago’s event will be the biggest in the United States.
Come be a part of history:
Dvorak Park, near Pilsen’s Fisk Coal Plant (1111 W Cermak.)
This Saturday, October 24th, at 1 pm
Visit “How Green is Chicago?” for more info.

P.S. On Blog Action Day, there were a total of over 31,000 official and unofficial blog posts about climate action!

1 Samuelsohn, Darren, “Obama to Give Senate Climate Bill Push with MIT Speech”


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