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Join Me This Saturday: Int’l Day of Climate Action

By Mom

Quick follow-up on my last post:
Climate change is an issue close to my heart. Sticking with the status quo will not only affect my generation faster than was previously thought, it will make Archer’s life much harder (if not shorter) than mine – a parent’s worst fear.

This Saturday, is running the International Day of Climate Action. “350” refers to the parts-per-million level that scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Right now, we’re around 390 – so we must make a change, globally. A BIG statement will show our leaders that climate change will not be ignored. After all, “nature does not do bailouts.”

So far, over 4,000 gatherings are planned in over 170 countries (that means only 25 countries on earth aren’t participating).
Find an event near you at

President Obama is scheduled to give a major climate speech on Friday, and the Senate is set to hold hearings on its global warming bill on Tuesday1. This will be one of the last best chances to make the support for much stronger efforts unmistakably loud and clear. Your efforts this weekend will be doing double duty–helping with the fight in Copenhagen and also on Capitol Hill.

Greenpeace predicts that Chicago’s event will be the biggest in the United States.
Come be a part of history:
Dvorak Park, near Pilsen’s Fisk Coal Plant (1111 W Cermak.)
This Saturday, October 24th, at 1 pm
Visit “How Green is Chicago?” for more info.

P.S. On Blog Action Day, there were a total of over 31,000 official and unofficial blog posts about climate action!

1 Samuelsohn, Darren, “Obama to Give Senate Climate Bill Push with MIT Speech”


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Making history is a family affair

8 weeks, 2 days old
By Mom

Jed, Archer, and I attended the Election Night rally in Chicago last night, which was clearly a history-making event.

There was much discussion about whether to take Archer along with us. There’d be a crowd, sure. There’d be excitement, sure. But I gotta say, Archer was the biggest reason I was excited to see whether Obama would become our next president. I wanted to be able to tell Archer, “You were there!” It turns out that we spotted several babies and kids, of families who had the same idea.

Archer was there, but he slept through almost the whole thing! We couldn’t believe it.

Archer at the Rally

We arrived downtown when the line into the ticketed area seemed to stretch into infinity along Michigan Avenue. As we tried to find the end, it was around 10 o’clock and cheers erupted from the Hilton across the street. CNN must have just called Florida for Obama, or maybe that’s when Fox News called the whole thing for Obama.

I spotted an old friend and coworker Ron in line with his wife Julia, who invited us to join them. In the end, the line didn’t matter – tickets were quickly checked by a line of mounted police at the entry point whether we’d waited in line or walked over from the other direction. The event was well-organized. After a long walk to the rally area, we came upon a split entry – one for folks with bags, one for folks without. Security personnel pored over our tickets and IDs. And then we were finally on our way to that giant rally. As we cut through the streets that are transformed annually for the Taste of Chicago, we heard the sounds of John McCain’s gracious concession speech from the huge towers of speakers next to the stage. It took a good three more minutes of walking before we reached the crowd. And what a crowd it was.

We made our way around, following the contour of the crowd, until we had a good view. A view of the stage? Not even close. The rally was so huge that we were all going for a view of the jumbotron. It was a fantastic screen. Why go downtown for a view of a screen, you ask? It was about the excitement of the event, and the crowd – people full of positive energy, taking a collective sigh of relief after eight long years.

Watch “A Nation for the People – Grant Park rally”

Watch “Yes We Can – Grant Park rally”

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Old friends and a newer friend

By Margo
31 weeks, 5 days

For the July 4th weekend, we got a visit from our old friends the Hargises – Aubrey, Dave, and our newer friend little Henry! (Their blog is called What About the Baby?) Aubrey and I go pretty far back – we were college roomies at the University of North Texas. And since I’m not lying about my age just yet… that was quite a few years ago now! As it happens, Dave and Aubrey started dating during that time, too (Aww…)

We had the great honor of hosting their first vacation! Henry is a little over 13 months old now, and he took his first plane ride from Dallas’s Love Field airport to our very own Midway. We greeted the three of them on July 4th and had a full weekend of fun ahead of us!

On Saturday morning, we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Henry probably knows us as the zoo people… Anytime those three get together with me and Jed, there’s usually a zoo involved. (It could be worse!) It was a beautiful day, not too hot, and we spent a good three hours there. The zoo has undergone quite a few renovations (namely to the Children’s Zoo and the Ape House), and I recommend checking them out.

After the zoo, we took a much-deserved rest back at the homestead. Then, it was off to Millennium Park and Navy Pier for some sightseeing. Plenty of other folks had the same idea on that fine day, and there were quite a few people-watching opportunities. It was especially fun to know that Aubrey, Dave, and Henry were seeing these beautiful sights for the first time.

The next day’s events centered around a visit to the Museum of Science & Industry, where we learned about the U-505, witnessed a large display of fake poo in the Farm Tech exhibit, and walked through the Green + Wired home. Wow. I think we all wanted to live there afterwards. Okay, maybe with a few tweaks (that place was not baby-proofed.) Honestly, I’d settle for an under-cabinet auto-composter. But then again, I’m a special kind of nerd.

On Monday, we set the Hargises free to roam the sites of Chicago as a smaller bunch. They explored the Harold Washington Library (the Winter Gardens are amazing!), went to the top of the Sears Tower, and in general had fun milling about in the city. Chicago is one of the best places for milling about, I say.

One of the funniest things about our weekend was all the eating. Aubrey is breastfeeding and I’m preggo, so the two of us were shoveling it in. Ice cream, veggies, vegan food, Trader Joe’s snacks… You name it, we were munching it! (But not the last handmade terrapin from Margie’s Candies that Dave absconded with! That’s a different funny story…)

Hargises, we hope you had a good Chicago time! Hope you can visit with us zoo people again soon.

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Barbacoa Babylon

By Margo
6 weeks, 4 days

My new favorite hot lunch pursuit is the Barbacoa Burrito at Burrito Beach. This delicacy is made with Tallgrass Beef Brisket (it’s grass-fed, which results in less saturated fat & calories, no antibiotics, lots more Omega-3s, and tons more taste – it’s damn good.)

I ordered mine with no beans mild salsa, and light on the sour cream and cheese. Once I was back at the ranch, I proceeded to inhale the complete contents of my foil packet. My stomach, not to mention all of those extra hormones, danced with glee.

And that’s not all… part of the proceeds from my Barbacoa Burrito purchase benefits the Green City Market, Chicago’s only sustainable farmers’ market. And there will be many more purchases to come.

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