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Halloween in Review

14 months old
By Mom

Archer’s Halloween was furry, fuzzy, and, of course, very cute! He visited my office for a Kids’ Spookfest with cubicle trick-or-treating, and then we visited Dad’s office just to say hello!

Here is a collection of Halloween photos, in case you missed them on Facebook. (And if you aren’t using Facebook, I highly recommend it! It’s my go-to place to post pictures.)

Kids trick or treat in the office. We have Chewbacca! on Twitpic

The last few are from photographer Rebecca E. Eden, who took Halloween photos in our new favorite place, Family Grounds Café. I’m never fast enough to capture Archie’s grin like she did! Even though we only had Archie’s Chewbacca headpiece with us, I’m so glad we ran into her.

And here’s a video clip of Arch as Chewbacca (or “Archewbacca”, if you prefer).


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Must-see video: 18 months in the making

10 months old
By Mom

It’s the video you’ve all been waiting for! (If that’s actually true, I’m sorry we took so long)!

Jed started taking photos of my pregnant belly when I was five or six weeks pregnant. There wasn’t much to see back then, but the plot surely thickened.

Because I was so delayed in finishing this after Archer was born, we kept taking photos – about once per month. As I finally edited this tonight, it amazed me just how fast Archie has grown.

This video is our first creative endeavor that has ever made me cry! We hope you like it, too. Please let us know what you think!

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Straight B’s

6 months old
By Mom

Just before his first half-birthday, Archer discovered consonants. The process started about mid-week, when he found that his mouth could open and close whenever he wanted it to. And so it evolved…

1. Brace yourself. This one’s a “10” on the cuteness scale.
2. A little over halfway through, listen for
a “bonus noise,” just before I laugh hysterically.

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Christmas Funnies

17 weeks, 1 day old
By Mom

Okay, we’re a little late with anything Christmas-2008-related, but you’ll forgive us, right?

Jed and I couldn’t stop laughing at these shots. Every single time Archer looked cute in front of the tree, his face turned to this. Check it out:

Watch “Photo Follies, Christmas 2008”

Here are the much cuter pictures from Christmas Day. It was a lovely, quiet gathering at Nonna Mary’s house. Lots of laughs and smiles!

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